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Welcome to the Darren Meader Fine Art website. I have been a painter of the landscape since I was 18 years old.

Although living in urban surroundings for most of my life I have always held an endless fascination with the natural environment. From childhood family holidays throughout Victoria I developed a strong connection to all aspects of the land from rural to forest, mountainous to seaside vistas and drew them endlessly.

The desire to put things down in paint is a feeling that is impossible to convey. It is possibly the most benign and energising of all human addictions - the desire to create.

Driven by genetics and some kind of hardwired neural pathways, if I find myself without the means to record some beautiful scene its a bit like a coffee connoisseur not being able to find a cafe quickly. Heartbreaking!



animation of Darren's paintings

My desire to experience the landscape has lead me tens of thousands of kilometres across the vast continent of Australia in private travels and working in remote areas as a geologist.

I have photographed it, studied it, and now continue with the challenge of painting it.

While I am a realist I enjoy the use of impressionistic brushstrokes and palette knife work to impart a painterly character to my work.

The power of suggestion and the energy in a fluent, confident brushstroke means more to me than hyper accuracy. I keep in mind the words of the English painter John Yardley "The more real you try to make something look, the less real it looks."

I suggest in paint whereever I can and let the human mind do what it does best - subconsciously render its own reality.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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